Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Return to the norm.

I realise it's been rather a long time since I last updated here. 

Rather a lot has changed. Namely that touch wood my head can be left in piece and I won't be having any more surgery. After my last update I was in hospital for a total of 16 days with the MRSA but what turned out to be rather a godsend was that I was in a side room with no-one else. 

My final operation that I had a couple of weeks ago and got discharged after only 2 days I was on a main bay. How nurses have the patience to do their job I shall never understand. After one night of incoherent ramblings in Italian from one direction and wind that could honestly kill from another direction I was ready to leave. Lucky that I only was in hospital for 2 nights after my second tumour was removed which I think surprised everyone namely that parents who were banking on a few more days of solitude at home I reckon. 

Still the staples have been removed (27 of them) and I reckon I have a greater scar than my first surgery site. 

For those of you who are faint hearted don't look beneath!

I was in London last weekend for a few Christmas meals with friends and back to London this weekend for further drinks and the theatre. It really is nice to get together and have a general chat and take my mind off things.

I've also been making plans for the return to work. This is going to be the interesting thing. Trying to remember what it is that actually do on a daily basis and my passwords. Forgotten each and every one of them. The first day back is going to be a productive day of emails and working out how to access my laptop I can foresee.

Had my twice monthly hospital visit with the melanoma team at St. Georges earlier today. I'm back on the magic pills (aka Vemurafenib) which I'm quite relieved about so finally my pancreatic tumour can start being zapped and hopefully reduced in size. The Professor that I see has suggested I go on periodic spells of taking the Vem tablets as there is research that points to the body not building such a resistance if you don't take them all the time so fingers crossed that will work. 

I've also started planning holidays for 2014. I figured that I could not go ahead and book things but to be honest sod it I don't plan on letting this rule my life and if I did I think I'd be rather frustrated. It's strange when I got diagnosed I used to be very carefree and generally lived life to the absolute maximum but since September I feel as though I've matured a lot (others may choose to correct me on this one!). There won't be anymore 5am finishes I don't think but being 29 I don't reckon that is all a bad thing. 

So if anyone is around in London this weekend let me know otherwise I shall be back full time at the end of December. .