Sunday, 20 October 2013

Operation time!

Tuesday 10th September will be a day that will stick with me for a while. A week beforehand I'd been going to work and continuing my life as normal to this day where I was rung at 10am by the doctor saying they'd found 'lesions' on my brain and that I needed to get to A&E with an overnight bag as soon as I could.
Parents were overseas in Cyprus for a month so that was an interesting call to have with that they probably should consider looking at flights back to London and little quicker that anticipated. Got myself packed to St Georges and after sitting about for a couple of hours I was in A&E on medication and having a meeting with the doctors. Life felt a little surreal - I mean here I was a relatively healthy 28 yo (besides a nictotine addiction that I am sure kept Marlboro in business) being told that my MRI scan from the previous week had shown 2 tumours on my brain - I guess that explained the headaches and that it was largely a sure fire conclusion that my skin cancer from a few years previously had good walkies in my body and set up home in my brain. F*CK was my first though.
Still they get me on some meds immediately to mean that I could finally see straight - Dexamethasone were these delightful steroids. More on them later but bugger me they make you eat like a horse (or at least do in my case!). Admitted to hospital and had a chat with the doctors and then had another scan - CT scan this time where another tumour showed up on my Pancreas. Never really a strong one at science I had no idea what the hell this organ did but hey at least they'd found it I guess.
Parents back from holiday and straight to hospital so operation time to be discussed and future plan of action.
What they intended to do was to weekend release me and then operate on the larger of my two tumours in my brain at the back on 17th October and allow me weekend release beforehand. Woohoo! From speaking to the doctors whilst the gravitas seemed serious they were very confident in getting it all out. They wouldn't touch the other one in my brain nor the one in my Pancreas initially and would just focus on this walnut size beast which was causing the balance and double vision apparently. We were off to removing the gremlins!
So the beneath is the remnants of the scar about 10 days after the beast was removed (just after stitches out). Really good actually - just going to have to come up with my credible shark attack story now!

Returned to the parents after my operation and have pretty much been sleeping, watching trash TV and eating them out of house and home. I've put on 3 kg in 3 weeks which is not good! More in the next update!

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