Sunday, 20 October 2013

Where to begin

So where to start I guess.
It's now mid-October but if I backtrack a bit to the mid/ end of August that's probably the best to start and take it from there.
Giving a quick a overview I was diagnosed with Stage II melanoma in Summer 2011 and had my lymph nodes under my right arm removed as well as a good few Frankenstein scars on my back. Besides the regular 3 month check ups I attended at St Georges in Tooting I guess I stuck my head in the sand and thought I'd beaten the dreaded 'C' and wouldn't have it affect me again.
How wrong was I to be!
I'd been having headaches on and offer throughout this summer. I didn't really think anything of them besides probably that I was burning the candle a little bit too much at both ends. 4 am finishes most Fridays and Saturdays usually accompanied with a skinful and little to no food would probably catch up with me at some stage!?  Anyway I mentioned it to NHS Direct and got told nothing to worry and spoke to my doctor and got told the same so pretty much put them to the back of my mind. I had an appointment for my skin clinic and thought I'd just mention it to the Doctor that I regularly saw and what I good thing I did!
She mentioned to keep a check on the and she'd contact me 2 weeks later when I returned from a break to Poland with some friends and follow up with me. Long story short I did still have these headaches but just took Nurofen to get rid of them. She got an MRI scan booked in for when I returned (Start of September) and within a week I was in on the operating table. By this stage my vision and balance had gone a skew-whiff. We're talking not being able to see straight and not being able to walk in a straight line. Pretty much like I normally felt on a Friday night yet when I first woke up in the morning. Not encouraging and made me suspect something was a little wrong with me! Google diagnosis became my new best friend which in reflection is never a good idea.

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