Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel!

So here I am writing this on a damp and murky Tuesday afternoon sitting by the window of my side room in the ward I'm in in St. George's (South London). My room is festooned with cards, bad DVDs (namely mine - read Top Gun and In Bruges) and a hell of a lot of magazines. The dentists/ doctors surgeries will be thankful.

So having prepared myself and I've been told I'll be in hospital for a minimum of 14 days so my MRSA can be treated and effectively cleared up.

I had another head op on Friday to clean and open it all up. The scar best still be good!

Turns out my existing head tumour (the one they were doing Cyber Knife on) has grown since start Sept from 1.8cm to 3.3cm. According to the Royal Marsden doctor that is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about in the timeframe considered. No other nasties have appeared in my brain which I'm relieved about. So they want to remove this tumour as its close to the surface - one piece of good news!!

Good news number 2 (results from my full body CT scan is that there's been NO change since the start of September. WOOOP DE DOOOO!! My Pancreas tumour has remained the same size and no other tumours/ mets have grown anywhere else.

One slight negative is that until my infection is under control and temperature stops spike I can't take my magic pills (Vemurafenib) so I am at risk of further and additional tumour groth. Still 14 days is all they reckon to get my infection sorted.

I've also received a belated birthday present from the NHS in the form of a PICC Line (http://www.nhs.uk/ipgmedia/national/Macmillan%20Cancer%20Support/Assets/PICClinesMCS4Pages.pdf)

My left arm honestly looks like a pin cushion from all the attempted bloody and cannula's over the last week. No more! Woohoo.

Onwards and upwards and hopefully freedom in the next update!

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  1. Great news :) things are looking up! You will be right as rain soon xx chris l