Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The birthday that never was.

So having had a great couple of weeks back at home and feeling a lot more human I guess it was only right that my body played its own practical joke on me.

Having been up to the Royal Marsden last Monday (28th October) for the final fitting of my mask and my CT/ MRI scans ( http://www.royalmarsden.org/cyberknife?gclid=CIv0ob7xzboCFa-WtAod9XkA-g ) I returned home feeling decidedly squiffy. Not thinking it was anything to do with my magic pills (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) I went to bed.

Tuesday morning. Hells bells. All I could do was scream and shout - soon got the parents up! and an ambulance called and off I was carted to me local hospital. Tempertature of 42. That'll be the reason for headache I had. SO P*SSED OFF. JUST WHEN I WAS SEEING THE LIGHT AT THE END OF TUNNEL IT AS IF MY BODY STICKS A BIG MIDDLE FINGER UP!

So back to hospital (via blood taken from the groin) - having had all my lymph nodes under my right arm removed 2 years ago I can't have any injections in my right arm meaning my veins in my left arm are buggered. Note to self refuse further groin injections. One way to take my mind of my headache!

So the doctors at the hospital I'd been admitted to Wexham Park in ghetto ville that is Slough (I surprised myself - it wasn't too bad!) now broke the brilliant news that I'd somehow picked up MRSA . How!!!

Guess it was time to cancel my birthday - I can therefore remain 28 until I'm discharged!

Next update to follow.

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